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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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>> good moerpg, everyone, the meeting will come to order and, this is october 7th, 2014, plans and programs committee of the san francisco county, transportation, authority. and our clerk is miss erika cheng, could you call the roll? >> okay. commissioner breed? >> here. >> commissioner campos? >> absent. >> mar?
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>> here. >> mar present. >> commissioner kim? >> kim absent. >> commissioner yee. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you, i would like to thank, first of all jonathan goblock and jonathan larson for tell vicing us, call item two, approval of the minutes for the september 16, 2014 meeting this is an action item. >> is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. >> breed, aye. >> campos, absent. >> kim, absent. >> mar. >> aye. >> yee >> aye. >> passes. >> thank you. >> and item 3? >> citizen's advisory committee report, information item. >> good morning, here at 9:30 and i am not sure that he is
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able to come back, and i am sure that he wanted to pass on the three items that they approved the motion of support for all of them and there were some questions asked about the items that it said that the item five, and that can be addressed during the item if you like. >> thank you. >> so, let's open this up for public comment, is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. >> call the next item, miss cheng. >> election of one member to the gein the meantime eva harney bus rapid transit community advisory committee. >> the feasible study committee advisory committee composed of 13 seats,. and we are seeking a recommendation to appoint a seat for exelcieo the seat
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which was vacated the previous person occupying the seat indicated the work responsibilities and time commitments. and in your attachment number one you will find the complete list of members of the community advisory committee in gray are highlighted and the white are the two candidates presented. and thank you, and i have a note here, that supervisor avalos and others perhaps have urged to continue this item is that your understanding? >> good morning, executive direct e because we are not there and the avalos's office is working on it, another option is to forward the item on to the full board without recommendation and that will
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allow him to finalize the process and make a action up at the board. >> i will move that. >> commissioner yee has moving this item without recommendation to the full board and seconded as well, is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> public comment is closed. colleagues could we have a roll call on that motion to move this without recommendation. >> commissioner breed? >> aye. >> campos absent. >> kim, absent. mar. >> aye. >> yee. aye. >> the motion passes. >> call the next item. >> recommend amendment of the prop k strategic plan and amendment of the transit enhancement programs and allocation of $131,153,142 in the prop k funds for the condition for the san francisco agency's light rail vehicle procurement, subject and attachment fiscal year cash flow, this is action.
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>> deputy lumbardo. >> i think that you should have at your desks some very exciting item, and it is for us as mta and the transit ride irs tl. is some information that i can share with you today. >> and so, you have before you on this screen, on the slide number two, just a quick recap, just a 1.4 billion dollar contract, to provide replacement light rail vehicles or lrvs as well as expansion vehicles, and i notice that this has been said before but we can't repeat it enough that it is one of the largest contracts that they have issued and probably the largest procurement in north america and in terms of what we can do with the prop k, is that there is not anything else that we can invest in, that will be more to directly improve the
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performance for the muni riders and in between the action item today, and items that you have previously approved, when you adopted the prop k, strategic plan, and helping to replace the entire fleet as well as the liv fleet, and over the next at this point will be 15 years, and it is a pretty, and amazing and historic event for us, and this will also be the single large prop k allocation that we have ever made. >> and so what you can see up there is muni and the other partners that did a great job negotiating with a contract and it is a very large contract and it works with the vehicles like many other things and you purchase you get a price per vehicle and it is a structured with a base contract with $934 million dollars and two options and the subject is the base contract, and let me show you that funding plan for that base contract here, and it is $934
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million and it is from the combination of sfmta revenue bonds, that is issues on the prop k sales tax and matched with the bridge tolls and you can see the transportation mission, and some set aside for the expansion vehicles as part of the budget, and prop k, except for this small amount of money, $4.6 million, and they had funds primarily for the replacement vehicles and that is just because the replacement needs are so enormous that has to be our top priority. >> and you may also ask why this item was not included in part of the approval that came before you last month and mta was reviewing the bids while we are putting this together and mta working on the other aspects of this and were not ready to share the details of the funding and financing strategy for this and as it is not uncommon and we have a large contract, and we approach
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to the contract, once it has been awarded which it has, is to issue a series of notice, to proceed, and basically allow the contractor to incur the expenses up to that amount of money, and with the amount of the notice to proceed, they are driven in part by the money that the mta has in hand or that is well committed that is able to issue those. and what you will see today, the reason that we are front loading, the allocation action, for the prop k, so significantly, is it is a very flexible funding source and so by doing so, we will..., and some of (inaudible) the other funds such as the federal funds come in year by year mta will be able to put those towards the future and the mtp and i believe that this is ten different notice to proceed for a base contract. >> and i will not go into detail on this slide and this gives you a hint at like the first four notice to proceeds
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or ntp on the contract in a particular colors or money that will fund each of those. and this one is a little bit tiny but a question that we always get is when are the vehicles going to arrive? and so, i can see that the first prototype vehicle is expected to arrive in 2016, and in the first vehicle are the expansion vehicles. and that are trying to get into the place by 2018, before the central subway begins the revenue service, and we can see the replacement cars, start arriving in 2021 through 2027 and that question is why there is a gap and why we can't get those replacement cars sooner, and this is by the fact that they are purchased in part with the federal funds and when you do that, you cannot use the funds to replace the vehicles before the end of the useful life, which is determined by an age, at central transit
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administration. >> the number on one the current prop k allocation, is it 130, 1.2? >> yes, that is the current allegation. >> thank you, so on..., and i am looking at a bunch of those and it is 131 and this is 131.2, and this says 131.877, and that, and then, on the... writing here and it says 131, 153, and so, are they different? >> no, it just happens that
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those numbers look very similar and the action before you today on the prop k side, is two-fold, one is we are programming changing the year that we have money programmed in the sales tax for this project, and enough to cover the first fornotice to proceed for the contract and in total for the base contract, prop k at the top of the slide will provide, 158 million dollars, and the allocation before you, allowing mta to begin to incur expenses is 131.2 million and it happens to be very close here, to the total amount of sfmta revenue bonds going to the base contract. >> that is a good question to stump me for a second and i understand the confusion. >> thank you. >> so, very briefly, the mechanics of being able to get amass of the prop k funds to
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support the liv procurements are summarized on your slide seven, currently in the planning you only have a 4.6 million which is the local match to the 24 essential expansion lrvs getting to the 158 million, and requires the simple math and 154 million and where that funding is coming from? it is coming from the vehicles, and the programs and just for the transit replacement vehicles, and muni has a designated line item within that category. and 73 million dollars, and coming from that line item and also a competitive line item that is open to bart and cal train or muni to compete for funds, we are recommending 81 million of that be applied toward this contract, given the significant performance and the fact that the full board has supported it and i will notice that based on the current revenue functions we will deplete it at the end at the
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end of the 30 years and they will not be able to access those funds, and i will notice that bart has not been able to access the dedicated funds because there is a part in the plan that stimulates that the other county haves to be contributing comparable amounts to the vehicles placement which they have not. and then, for cal train, san francisco contributing to the vehicle replacement through the cal train electrickfiation program. and then intent of the other changes that were necessary to make this happen, is the mta, provided a number of changes that are summarized in your attachment two in your packet to owning the muni vehicle projects that are only in the five year program, some of these are corrections that they found on the closer look of the schedule and scopes and also ended up pushing out the money for a number of projects and just going to show you what the
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bottom line is. >> and all right. so, the very, previews, is that we were able to accomplish these relatively large numbers with minimal financial impact on the plan, and you can see up here on this screen, is the solid, blue line, is that the current programming level, how much we can allocate per year in the vehicle category, in the muni share and the discretionary share and the dash line is the proposed changes and so you can see a significant dump in 1415 to support the allocation, and the allocation is not the same as expenditures. so, there are in terms of financing impact, this slide is more important and this shows the actual cash flow when we are expected to pay out the funds because if you remember that schedule, the vehicles that are delivered over 15 years is a very long cash flow schedule and this is actually a very slight increase in funds, and costs of the vehicle line item but for the prop k as a
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whole, we actually have a slight decrease that is rounding and 3 million decrease in the over all debt cost, and if you look at the screen, every time that we do a five year plan update, the biggest pique is in that five years and then it goes down significantly. mta proposal will lower the demands on the prop k program which is one of the biggest needs to issue the program is by reducing that need is by reducing the over all costs and you can see the dump in the out years and you will be paying out more to the end of the program. >> and that i will just say congratulations to the mta in a very well contract and i want to thank the mta on the finance staff and out sick and the arial that... and to help us with this, and sorry, and recommend on our staff and tony, who helped to make the model work so that we can do this. >> thank you. >> and i see no questions.
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and thanks again to ariel and jonathan for the hard work on this as well. let's open this up for public comment, is there anyone that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> so could we have a roll call on this item? >> commissioner breed? >> aye. >> campos? >> absent. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar? >> aye. >> yee? >> aye. >> the item passes. >> can we call 6 and eight together? >> item 6 recommend allocation of $496,100 in prop k funds, with conditions, and appropriation of $150,000 in prop k funds, with conditions, for three requests, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules . and item eight,progress update on the treasure island mobility management study . >> we have chad rat man, and the item before you is for the requests of the prop k funds
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and i will briefly describe the requests and will turn it over to cheng and she will cover the third request in this item. >> and so first off, we have asked from the sfmta for the shared roadway and bicycle marking and the mta is requesting, $256,000 in prop k funds for environmental design and construction phase and to fund, approximately, 1350 new arrows on streets that do not or will not have other types of bike facilities in the future, and these locations are identified as class three facilities in the 2009 bike plan and to date and you can see on the slide before you right now, that the areas that will be installed with the prop k funds with this are shown in red and there is also a corresponding list of specific locations included in the item and for the benefit for the folks watching at home that begins on page 13. and to date, the sfmta has
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installed, 74 miles, identified in the bike plan and this project will install the remaining identified. excuse me, 16 miles of sharos and expects the construction to start in 2015 after designing all of them and be completed by late 2015. >> and on the sfmta has also, requested 240,000 in prop k funds for the western edition, community based transportation plan and $100,000 of that $200,000 of prop k funds is from the neighborhood transportation and improvement program and the planning funds for district five and the other 140,000 in prop k is actually carried over to this or from the last five year period to this five year period for the specific project and so we are combining the two pots of fupds. and the total cost of the project is $300,000 and it includes, $60,000 from the commission, and in a community
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based transportation planning grant and this is the final community based planning grant, and previous grants, from this pot of funds that you may have heard in san francisco, include the tender loin, and soma and we are advocated that the mtc continue this useful program as it is important to develop the pipelines of projects and engage the communities of concern in san francisco. the planning effort will include the community effort to identify the needs and prioritize those improvements. >> and on the project is not ready to start but we have been continuing to work with them in the project and meeting with supervisor breed's office and we will let that reimbursement is con tingent on the scope and all of the folks involved in the plan and revised budget that will include, specific out reach, and is the fmta anticipates the completing at
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the end of 2015 at this point. update, that it is overlooking on the slide and as... >> could you repeat that? instead of november, 2016 wha, is the anticipated date? >> second quarter of fiscal year, 15. >> okay. >> 16, 17. i am sorry, i, confused that. the completing is anticipated at the end of 2016, sorry for that confusion. >> and then, at that time, when the project is completed for the neighborhood transportation improvement planning program, guidelines, that has been the report that back to the citizen advisory committee and the plans and program committee on these key findings and recommendations and implementation and i will call director cheng for the third request? >> thank


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